Bandsaw Box Made From Scrap Wood

Building My first Bandsaw Box

I have had my bandsaw for two years, and to this point have only ever used it for making freehand cuts on small pieces of wood. I had always wanted to try my hand at building a bandsaw box but had never quite got around to it.

Bandsaw box made from scrap wood


Cleaning The Workshop

Have you ever tried to clean up and you just couldn’t throw something away? My full time job is doing home renovations, so when I am doing the demolition, there is always something that finds it’s way into the back of my van. What started this project, was a half inch thick piece of pine board that I had rescued, only to have it leaning against the wall of my shop for the next three years. Recently, when I was trying to tidy up the shop, I came across is board yet again. This time I decided if I was not going to use it, I was going to throw it away. I decided that I would glue it into a block with a bunch of other scraps that I had laying around, and try my first bandsaw box.


Building The Bandsaw Box

I cut all the pieces below to approximately the same size. There is some Pieces of the pine board along with some quarter inch thick flooring underlay plywood (you know, the stuff with all the x’s all over it that show you where to nail it) and one piece of cedar in the middle.

Scrap wood

Gluing It All Together

I glued it all up into a big block and left it to dry overnight. After it was dry, I decided to cut the block in half, and add another strip of cedar 90 degrees to all the other boards. i somehow missed getting a picture of this, but you can see it on the face of the bandsaw box in the following pictures.

Gluing up the scrap wood

Cutting Out The Shape

I had no plan or template to mark it out from, but I kind of knew what I wanted to end up with. I just sketched it out on the block and started cutting. the lines were more of a guide than anything and I just kind of let the blade go where it wanted to. I cut the outside shape and then did an entry cut from the bottom and a figure eight around the drawers.

After cutting bandsaw box

The outer shell of the bandsaw box below after cutting.

Entry cut on bandsaw box

Below I glue the entry cut back together

 entry cut on bandsaw box

The uncut drawers below

Uncut drawers for bandsaw box

I cut the front and back off the drawers and then cut what was left into a u shape.

After cutting drawers for bandsaw box

Then I glue them together to make the drawers for the bandsaw box.

Original Drawers

Oh No

At this point I realize that I missed a vital step. I was supposed to slice the back off the box before I cut out the circles for the drawers and then glue it back on later. My gut reaction was to just glue another board on the back, but it made the box look too thick, so I sliced a piece off the back with the bandsaw before gluing a new back on. But then my drawers were too long, so I cut a piece out of the center and glued them back together as shown below. This actually worked out well in the end, as it allowed be to make the drawers a little longer than the box, and sand the drawer fronts into a convex shape. you may also notice that I took the box back to the bandsaw and cut more out out of the bottom, so it looked more like it has legs.

Gluing drawers for bandsaw box

The sanded bandsaw box below waiting for knobs

Bandsaw box after sanding

The finished bandsaw box with small wooden knobs and 3 coats of clear poly finish

Bandsaw box made from scrap wood

Bandsaw box made from scrap wood

Bandsaw box made from scrap wood

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