Cedar Table With Tile Inlay Made from Reclaimed Timber

Like a lot of my projects, this cedar table with tile inlay started out with leftover materials from another project. A couple year earlier, I had picked up some Cedar timbers for doing some work in the garden. Most of the wood was used up, but these particular pieces got moved around from place to place until I got tired of looking at them.

reclaimed cedar beams

Cutting The Pieces For The Cedar Table

As always, I never started with a solid plan. Sometimes I start with an idea in my head and change it several times before I finish. First of all, I had to cut the 6 x 6 timber down into usable sizes which went quite well, even though my bandsaw was at full capacity.

Cutting cedar beam with bandsaw

I had four short pieces of 6 x 6 cedar. The top sections were cut from the first two, the side rails were cut from the third and the legs were cut from the fourth.

Cedar boards cut from reclaimed cedar beam

reclaimed cedar table parts

I Love My Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

I decided to make use of my Kreg pocket hole jig to fasten the pieces together.

assembly with Kreg pcket hole jig.

Fastening the side rails to the legs with pocket holes was very quick and the legs ended up very solid.

assembly with pocket holes

table frame assembled

Once the legs and side rails were fastened together, the top pieces were cut with my miter saw at a 45 degree angle and fastened together with long screws and glue. The pre-drilled screw hole were then plugged with cedar dowel.

unfinished cedar table top

reclaimed cedar table top

The top section was joined to the bottom with more pocket holes. At this point I decided to add a shelf made from cedar slats to the bottom to give the legs a little more strength and add some storage. A small square of plywood was added to the center, allowing for the thickness of the tile and adhesive. The Cedar table was then stained with a walnut stain and clear coated several times with an exterior finish

cedar table waiting for tile inlay

The 12″ square of glass tile on mesh backing was another leftover from a kitchen backsplash I had completed previously. It was glued to the plywood with thin set tile adhesive and grouted with dark brown grout.

amber glass tile

Reclaimed cedar table with amber glass tile

The Finished Project

reclaimed cedar table with tile inlay

In the end, the completed project turned out quite nice and makes a great addition to the deck.

Finished cedar table with tile inlay