Hang Cabinets Easily With French Cleats


French cleats are one of the easiest and quickest ways to hang cabinets and many other things around the shop and home. The system makes it simple to hang cabinets because the wall mounted strip is light in weight and easily leveled and anchored to the wall. The other side of the strip is either recessed into the back of the cabinetwhen it is built, or added to the back later. Once the strips are in place the cabinet is just lifted into place and the weight pulls it tight against the wall. The good thing about this system is it makes things very portable and easy to move. I have seen shops that have many strips mounted on the walls and all the tool holders have French cleats so that they can be moved around as new tools are added to the

collection.French Cleat System


French Cleat


Cabinet with French Cleat hanging system


French Cleat Pegboard