Reindeer Names Rustic Christmas Sign

This reindeer names Christmas sign is 14″ square and made from reclaimed cedar boards that I glued together to make the signboard. The sign was then painted with chalk paint and sanded for a distressed finish.

blank signboard

I purchased the reindeer names file from SVGfarm on Etsy and cut out the stencil with my vinyl cutter.

reindeer stencil

I applied the stencil to my sign blank and taped the edges that were close to where I was painting to avoid any accidents.

reindeer stencil

I paint and pull the stencil fairly quickly before the paint is dry. I have found that leaving the stencil on too long sometimes results in the paint peeling up when you remove it.

reindeer stencil

Below is the result after the stencil was removed. When I was transferring the stencil I found that my cutter had some problems with the finer details of the stencil. Some of the pieces were missing like the middle of a few letters but I didn’t worry about it as I thought it could be touched up later.

reindeer names sign unfinished

And the final result after a few touch ups and a red nose by my daughter Kalina.

reindeer names sign

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