Table Saws – Types, Tips and Safety

The table saw is one of the handiest and most used tools in any workshop. Whether you have a huge shop space, share your shop with the family car, or work out of a garden shed in your back yard, there is a table saw for you. A table saw makes it easy to cut multiple small pieces that would be a chore to cut with a circular saw or a jigsaw.

Bench Top Table Saw

When you are just starting out or have limited space, a small bench top saw can be a great help in ripping or cross cutting smaller pieces. It is usually quite light and has no stand, so it can be easily stored on a shelf, under a bench or hung on the wall.

Jobsite Table Saw

If you need something a little more portable or better quality and have a little more money to spend, a jobsite saw might be for you. A jobsite table saw usually has a folding stand with wheels, making it easier to move around. The folding stand also makes it small enoughto store away or take with you to a project that is not in your shop.

Contractor Style Table Saw

The contractor style tablesaw is heavier and larger, usually with an open stand, and used to be the go to saw for professionals, though most pros I have seen today use a more portable jobsite saw. There are still many of these saws available for sale used at a reasonable price.

Hybrid Table Saw

The hybrid saw is a mix between the contractor style saw with the open stand, and the closed cabinet saw. The closed cabinet design makes dust collection a lot easier.

Cabinet Table Saw

The cabinet saw is the one used by professional cabinet makers and factories. They are normally made from cast iron and are very heavy. These table saws have a lot less vibration and can make very precise cuts, though the price is also a lot higher.


Table saws can be dangerous and should be treated with great respect. Always learn how to use your tools properly, and take safety precautions to prevent serious injury. Because you are holding the material being cut, and feeding it into the saw blade, it is easy to accidentally move your hands into the spinning blade as well.


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